Hi friends! My name is Suzanne and I’m a gypsy at heart who dreams of traveling the country (the world?) while living simply and toxic free! I have a wonderful firefighter husband who is my hero and 3 sweet baby dogs (1 is a beautiful angel that I miss so incredibly much).

My goal with The Earthy Affair is to spread the word about living toxic free & earth friendly all while enjoying a nice cup of tea. I’m not perfect, I certainly do my share of damage to our Mother Earth. But there are so many of us that continue in this earthly life with no care or maybe just no knowledge to what we are doing both to our earth and to our own bodies. We cant just watch what we eat. We also need to watch what gets absorbed into our skin.

I hope you find what I share helpful and try to be more conscious about what you’re buying. Whether it be furniture, clothing, bath and body care, kitchen supplies, cleaning supplies, whatever it may be. I’m praying it’s not too late for us to change the course of the Earth. She is, after all, our only home!